Specializing in:         

  • Assorted super moist cake flavors, see list below.

  • Deliciously lite creamy fillings, see list below.

  • Seasonal fruit fillings.

  • Butter crème made of Real Butter, vanilla, almond & French vanilla flavor.

  • Rolled Fondant or Rolled Butter crème from scratch, added flavors, French vanilla, cherry or almond.

Cake Flavors  



 Wedding White


 Butter crème

 Chocolate Crème

 French Vanilla


 Boiled Icing

 Amaretto Crème


 Bavarian Crème

 Swiss Meringue

 Raspberry Crème

 Chocolate Fudge


 Rolled Fondant

 Lemon Chiffon

 Yellow Marble


 Rolled Butter crème

 Choc. Raspberry Crème



 Chocolate Gouache

 Strawberry Crème

 Devil's Food


 French Vanilla Crème

 Almond Crème



 Hazelnut Crème

 White Choc. Crème

 Almond, Extra


 Chocolate Hazelnut

 Banana Crème

 Butter, Extra


 Cream Cheese/ White  Choc.

 Choc. Amaretto Crème





 Carrot, Extra




 Vanilla Marble




  Rich Dark Chocolate





Liqueur Cakes:


Grand Marnier


Lemon Triple Sec



Chocolate Amaretto

Nassau Royal

Chocolate Bailey's Irish Crème

Pineamisu Chocolate

Chocolate Hazelnut

Tiramisu Chocolate

Chocolate Kahlua

White Chocolate

Golden Galliano





Specialty Cakes:

Coconut Lemon Cloud

Peanut Butter Lovers Cakes

Almond & Fudge Fantasy Cake

Luscious Strawberry Cake

Indescribably Wonderful Brownie Cake with White Chocolate Mousse

Cheesecake / Assorted Fresh Fruit Sauces

Gouache Cakes-Black & White-Chocolate on Chocolate-Chocolate on Almond

Carrot Cake / Cream Cheese Icing / Coconut Pecan Filling


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